Describe a big city you would like to visit - IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a big city you would like to visit.

You should say:

  • which big city you would like to visit
  • how you would travel there
  • what you would do there

and explain why you would like to visit this big city.

Sample Answer:

As a traveler, I am always eager to explore new destinations, and one city that has long been on my bucket list is the bustling metropolis of Delhi, India. With its rich history, diverse culture, and dynamic energy, Delhi is a city that captivates the senses and promises an unforgettable experience.

To reach this captivating city, I would choose to travel by air, as it is the most convenient and efficient mode of transportation. The Indira Gandhi International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, would be my gateway to the city. From there, I would navigate the city’s well-connected public transportation system, which includes the Delhi Metro, buses, and taxis, to explore the various neighborhoods and landmarks.

Once in Delhi, I would immerse myself in the city’s vibrant culture and history. I would start by visiting the iconic Red Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that stands as a testament to the Mughal Empire’s architectural prowess. I would then explore the bustling streets of Old Delhi, where I could indulge in the tantalizing street food, browse the lively markets, and witness the daily lives of the locals.

In addition to the historical sites, I would also make time to visit the modern and dynamic side of Delhi. I would explore the upscale neighborhoods of Connaught Place and Hauz Khas, where I could indulge in high-end shopping, dine at renowned restaurants, and experience the city’s thriving arts and entertainment scene.

Moreover, I would be eager to learn about the city’s rich cultural heritage by visiting the National Museum, which houses an impressive collection of artifacts and artworks, and the Qutub Minar, a towering minaret that stands as a symbol of the city’s Islamic legacy.

The reason I am so drawn to visiting Delhi is its ability to seamlessly blend the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. It is a city that offers a unique and multifaceted experience, where I can immerse myself in the vibrant sights, sounds, and flavors that make it one of the most captivating destinations in the world.