Describe the neighbourhood you lived in when you were a child - IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe the neighbourhood you lived in when you were a child.

You should say:

  • What in your town/city the neighbourhood was
  • What kind of people lived there
  • What it was like to live in this neighbourhood

And explain whether you would like to live in this neighbourhood in the future.

Sample Answer:

When I was a child, I lived in a model house in Jalandhar, a bustling city in northern India. The neighbourhood I called home was quite lively and dynamic, with a perfect blend of residential and commercial areas.

The neighbourhood was a hive of activity, with numerous shops, eateries, and service providers dotting the landscape. From the local grocer to the neighbourhood tailor, the area was always abuzz with people going about their daily lives.

The people who lived in our neighbourhood came from diverse backgrounds. There were many service class families, such as teachers, government employees, and professionals. Alongside them, we had several business owners who ran shops and small enterprises in the area.

Living in this neighbourhood was a truly wonderful experience. The streets were lined with trees, and there were several parks and green spaces nearby where we could play and explore. I have fond memories of spending time outdoors, whether it was running around with friends or enjoying family picnics. The sense of safety and community was palpable, and I have many fond memories of interacting with my neighbours and participating in local events.

Looking back, I can say with certainty that I would love to live in this neighbourhood again in the future. The vibrant atmosphere, the accessible amenities, and the warm, welcoming community are all qualities that I still find appealing. While the passage of time may have brought some changes, the essence of what made this neighbourhood so special to me as a child remains, and I would relish the opportunity to experience it again.