Future Perfect Tense: Lesson and Practice Questions

Future Perfect Tense: Usage, Structure and Examples

  • Usage:

    • Used for actions that will be completed before another action in the future.
  • Structure:

    • Affirmative: Subject + will have + past participle (e.g., He will have finished).
    • Negative: Subject + will not have + past participle (e.g., We will not have seen them).
    • Interrogative: Will + subject + have + past participle? (e.g., Will you have completed it?).
  • Examples:

    • By the time you arrive, we will have eaten dinner.
    • She will not have heard the news by then.
    • Will they have finished the project?

Future Perfect Tense: Practice Questions


  1. By this time next year, she ____________ (complete) her degree.

    a. completes
    b. will complete
    c. will have completed

  2. We ____________ (finish) the project by the end of the month.

    a. will have finished
    b. will finish
    c. finishes

  3. He ____________ (read) the entire book before the movie is released.

    a. reads
    b. will have read
    c. will read

  4. They ____________ (visit) several countries by the time they turn 30.

    a. visit
    b. will visit
    c. will have visited

  5. I ____________ (write) my novel by the time the writing workshop begins.

    a. write
    b. will write
    c. will have written

Answers: (Affirmative)

1. C, 2. A, 3. B, 4. C, 5. C


  1. She ____________ (not/complete) the task before the deadline.

    a. does not complete
    b. will not complete
    c. will not have completed

  2. We ____________ (not/finish) the assignment by next Friday.

    a. will not have finished
    b. will not finish
    c. will finished

  3. He ____________ (not/read) the article by the time the discussion starts.

    a. does not read
    b. will not have read
    c. will not read

  4. They ____________ (not/visit) all the museums by the end of the tour.

    a. do not visit
    b. will not visit
    c. will not have visited

  5. I ____________ (not/write) the report before the meeting begins.

    a. will not have written
    b. will not write
    c. do not written

Answers: (Negative)

1. C, 2. A, 3. B, 4. C, 5. A


  1. __________ she ____________ (complete) the course by next semester?

    a. Will / have completed
    b. Will / complete
    c. Does / have completed

  2. __________ we ____________ (finish) the project by the deadline?

    a. Do / finish
    b. Will / finish
    c. Will / have finished

  3. __________ he ____________ (read) the book before the movie comes out?

    a. Does / read
    b. Will / have read
    c. Will / read

  4. __________ they ____________ (visit) all the famous landmarks by the end of the trip?

    a. Do / visit
    b. Will / visit
    c. Will / have visited

  5. __________ you ____________ (write) the report before the deadline?

    a. Do / write
    b. Will / have written
    c. Will / written

Answers: (Interrogative)

1. A, 2. C, 3. B, 4. C, 5. B

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