History - IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

1. What did you study in history lessons when you were at school?

In my history lessons at school, we covered a wide range of topics. This included learning about the history of different countries and regions, as well as studying the lives and achievements of notable historical figures. Some of the key areas we explored were ancient civilizations, major world events and wars, and the development of social and political systems over time.

2. Did you enjoy studying history at school? (why/why not)

To be honest, I had a bit of a mixed experience with history in school. While I found certain topics and time periods fascinating, I sometimes struggled to stay engaged, especially when it came to memorizing dates and remembering all the details. The subject could feel quite dense and overwhelming at times.

3. How often do you watch TV programmes about history now? (why/ why not)

These days, I make more of an effort to seek out historical documentaries and dramatizations on TV. I find I’m much more interested in history now that I’m older and can appreciate the broader context and significance of events. I try to watch a history-focused program at least a few times a month, as I find it’s a great way to continue learning about the past in an accessible and engaging way.

4. What period in history would you like to learn more about? (Why)

If I had to choose, I think I’d be most interested in learning more about the history of the great freedom fighter leaders. Their stories of courage, sacrifice and determination in the fight for independence are truly inspiring, and I’d love to dive deeper into the details of their lives and the movements they led. It’s a part of history that feels especially relevant and important to understand better.