Describe one of your neighbours - IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe one of your neighbours.

You should say:

  • When did you become neighbours?
  • Do you often meet?
  • Explain whether your neighbour is a good one.


Sample Answer:

I have a neighbour named Sam, and we have been neighbours for the past three years. Our houses are situated next to each other, and since then, we have developed a cordial neighbour relationship. We became friends shortly after I moved into the neighbourhood.

Sam and I have developed a close friendship over time. We often meet each other during our morning walks, which has become somewhat of a daily routine for both of us. It’s always nice to start the day with a friendly conversation and some exercise. We share stories, discuss current events, and sometimes even plan activities together.

I consider Sam to be a great neighbour. Not only is he friendly and approachable, but he also goes out of his way to help others in the community. Whether it’s offering a helping hand with household chores or lending tools or equipment, Sam is always there to assist.

Moreover, Sam is respectful of our privacy and ensures that noise levels are kept at a minimum during late hours. He has also organized neighbourhood gatherings on several occasions, fostering a sense of community among all residents.

He is very kind. When we were away, he made sure to notify us about a package delivery, preventing any inconvenience.

Overall, I am fortunate to have such a good neighbour like Sam. His friendly and helpful nature, combined with a respectful approach to community living, has significantly contributed to a positive living environment in our neighbourhood. Our daily encounters during morning walks have not only strengthened our bond but also added positivity to our lives in this community.