Neighbours - IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions with Answers

Discussion Topic: Neighbours

1. What do you think of the relationship among neighbours in the city?

The nature of relationships among neighbours in the city can vary significantly based on various factors, including cultural norms, individual personalities, and the specific dynamics of the neighbourhood.

2. Has the relationship among neighbours changed over time?

Yes, the relationship among neighbours in the city has changed over time due to various factors. One significant factor is the busy schedule that people have, which often leaves them with limited time to connect with their neighbours. As a result, the level of interaction and familiarity between neighbors has decreased compared to previous years.

3. What can be done to improve the relationship with neighbours?

To improve the relationship with neighbours, it is important for individuals to take proactive steps. One effective approach is organizing get-togethers or community events where neighbours can come together and socialize. This provides an opportunity for people to interact and build stronger connections.

4. What kinds of problems can people have with their neighbours?

In terms of problems that can arise between neighbours, issues such as noise disturbances or disputes over property boundaries are common examples. Communication plays a crucial role in resolving such conflicts, as open dialogue and understanding can help find mutually beneficial solutions.

5. How do you think the neighbours can help each other?

Neighbours can help each other by offering assistance and sharing resources. This could involve lending household items or tools when needed, helping with tasks such as pet sitting or gardening, or simply being available for friendly conversations and support during challenging times.