People you study/work with - IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

1. Who do you spend most time studying/working with [Why?]

I have been working at Amazon for the last 4 years. I work most of the time with my colleague, “Jordan”. We both work in the quality assurance department and get along really well with each other.

2. What kinds of things do you study/work on with other people? [Why?]

When working with other people, there are various types of tasks and projects that can be undertaken. Collaboration is essential in many professional settings as it allows for the pooling of ideas, skills, and resources to achieve common goals.

3. Are there times when you study/work better by yourself? [Why/Why not?]

Yes, there are times when working alone can be beneficial. Working independently allows me to have uninterrupted focus and concentration, which can lead to increased productivity. It gives you the opportunity to work at your own pace and follow your own workflow without having to coordinate or compromise with others.

4. Is it important to like the people you study/work with? [Why?/Why not?]

Yes, it is important to like the people you work with for several reasons. Building positive relationships with your colleagues can greatly impact your overall job satisfaction and productivity.