Describe a review you read about a product or service - IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a review you read about a product or service.

You should say:

  • where you read this review
  • what the product or service was
  • what information the review gave about the product or service

and explain what you did as a result of reading this review.


Sample Answer:

I recently came across a review on Amazon for a pair of wireless earbuds that left a lasting impression on me. A verified customer posted the review, which gave useful information about the product’s features and quality.

I read this review on the product page of the wireless earbuds on Amazon. The reviewer mentioned that they were particularly impressed with the sound quality, stating that the earbuds delivered crisp and clear audio across various genres of music. They also praised the design, highlighting its sleek appearance and comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the reviewer provided detailed information about the features of the earbuds. They mentioned that it had a long battery life, allowing for extended use without frequent charging. Additionally, they discussed how easy it was to connect these earbuds to different devices via Bluetooth.

After reading this review, I felt more confident in my decision-making process regarding whether or not to purchase these wireless earbuds. The positive feedback regarding sound quality, design, and features gave me a better understanding of what to expect from this product.

As a result, I decided to go ahead with purchasing these wireless earbuds based on the positive review I read. It helped me feel assured that I was making an informed choice and increased my anticipation of experiencing their sound quality and convenience firsthand.