Swimming - IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

1. Did you learn to swim when you were a child? [Why/Why not?]

Yes, I learned to swim when I was a child. Learning to swim is an important life skill that can provide numerous benefits. It promotes physical fitness, improves health, and enhances overall strength and endurance.

2. How often do you go swimming now? [Why/Why not?]

I don’t go swimming nowadays due to my busy schedule. It makes challenging for me to allocate regular slots for swimming sessions.

3. What places are there for swimming where you live? [Why?]

There are several places for swimming where I live, such as public pools, lakes and rivers, private clubs, and water parks. There are some important factors that I consider, such as safety measures (lifeguards on duty), cleanliness of the facilities (regular maintenance), accessibility (proximity to your location), entry fees or memberships (if applicable), and any specific rules or regulations, before I choose a place to swim.

4. Do you think it would be more enjoyable to go swimming outdoors or at an indoor pool? [Why?]

Yes, outdoor swimming is more enjoyable than indoor swimming. Swimming outdoors offers a connection with nature and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of natural surroundings. Outdoor swimming also provides exposure to fresh air and natural sunlight, which can enhance the overall experience.