Simple Past Tense: Lesson and Practice Questions

Simple Past Tense: Usage, Structure and Examples

  • Usage:

    • Used for completed actions or events in the past.
  • Structure:

    • Affirmative: Subject + past simple form of the verb (e.g., She walked).
    • Negative: Subject + did not + base form of the verb (e.g., They did not go).
    • Interrogative: Did + subject + base form of the verb? (e.g., Did he call?).
  • Examples:

    • She visited Paris last summer.
    • We didn’t watch the movie.
    • Did you finish your homework?

Simple Past Tense: Practice Questions


  1. She ____________ (visit) her grandparents last weekend.

    a. visited
    b. visit
    c. has visited

  2. We ____________ (watch) a movie yesterday.

    a. watched
    b. watch
    c. have watched

  3. He ____________ (finish) his homework before dinner.

    a. finished
    b. finishes
    c. has finished

  4. They ____________ (travel) to Europe last summer.

    a. travels
    b. traveled
    c. have traveled

  5. I ____________ (read) that book two months ago.

    a. read
    b. reads
    c. have read

Answers: (Affirmative)

1. A, 2. A, 3. A, 4. B, 5. A


  1. She ____________ (not/eat) sushi when she was in Japan.


    a. did not eat
    b. not eats
    c. has not eaten
  2. We ____________ (not/see) that movie before.


    a. have not seen
    b. not seeing
    c. did not see

  3. The company ____________ (not/make) any profits last year.


    a. did not make
    b. not making
    c. has not made
  4. I ____________ (not/be) to a concert last month.


    a. have not been
    b. did not be
    c. not being

  5. They ____________ (not/try) the new restaurant downtown.


    a. have not tried
    b. did not try
    c. not trying

Answers: (Negative)

1. A, 2. C , 3. A, 4. B , 5. B


  1. __________ you ____________ (see) the latest episode?


    a. Did / see
    b. Have / seen
    c. Does / see

  2. __________ he ____________ (visit) London last year?


    a. Did / visit
    b. Has / visited
    c. Do / visit

  3. How many countries ____________ you ____________ (visit) last summer?


    a. Have / visited
    b. Did / visit
    c. Are / visiting

  4. __________ they ____________ (finish) the assignment already?


    a. Have / finished
    b. Did / finish
    c. Do / finish

  5. __________ you ____________ (ever/be) to a live concert?


    a. Have / been
    b. Did / be
    c. Does / be

Answers: (Interrogative)

1. A, 2. A, 3. B, 4. B, 5. B

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