Simple Present Tense: Lesson and Practice Questions

Simple Present Tense: Usage, Structure and Examples

  • Usage:

    • Used for general truths, habits, routines, and permanent situations.
  • Structure:

    • Affirmative: Subject + base form of the verb (e.g., He works).
    • Negative: Subject + do/does + not + base form of the verb (e.g., She does not work).
    • Interrogative: Do/Does + subject + base form of the verb? (e.g., Do they work?).
  • Examples:

    • She plays the guitar.
    • They don’t eat meat.
    • Do you like coffee?

Simple Present Tense: Practice Questions


  1. She usually ________ her homework in the evening.
    a. does
    b. do
    c. did
    d. done

  2. We always ________ football on Saturdays.
    a. play
    b. playing
    c. played
    d. plays

  3. The train ________ at 8:45 AM every day.
    a. leave
    b. leaves
    c. leaving
    d. left

  4. They ________ chocolate cake for dessert.
    a. likes
    b. like
    c. liking
    d. liked

  5. He ________ to the gym three times a week.
    a. goes
    b. go
    c. going
    d. gone

Answers: (Affirmative)

1. a, 2. a, 3. b, 4. b, 5. a


  1. She ________ like horror movies.
    a. don’t
    b. doesn’t
    c. didn’t
    d. not

  2. We usually ________ our homework on Fridays.
    a. don’t do
    b. not doing
    c. didn’t do
    d. doesn’t do

  3. The cat ________ fish.
    a. don’t like
    b. doesn’t like
    c. not liking
    d. didn’t like

  4. They ________ to school on weekends.
    a. don’t go
    b. not go
    c. didn’t go
    d. doesn’t go

  5. I ________ coffee.
    a. don’t drink
    b. not drink
    c. didn’t drink
    d. doesn’t drink

Answers: (Negative)

1. b, 2. a, 3. b, 4. a, 5. a


  1. ________ she like pizza?
    a. Do
    b. Does
    c. Did
    d. Is

  2. ________ they play tennis every Sunday?
    a. Do
    b. Does
    c. Did
    d. Is

  3. ________ you speak Spanish?
    a. Do
    b. Does
    c. Did
    d. Is

  4. ________ your parents live in the city?
    a. Do
    b. Does
    c. Did
    d. Is

  5. ________ the children have a pet?
    a. Do
    b. Does
    c. Did
    d. Is

Answers: (Interrogative)

1. b, 2. a, 3. a, 4. b, 5. b

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